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Over Paúw B.V.

A peacock wants to be seen but what does he has to do in order to get attention? Right, showing his beautiful feathers of course!

And that’s exactly what Paúw (Dutch for ‘peacock’) does for its clients. Showcasing their beautiful ‘assets’ to the public in order to get the right attention by in-depth advertising (unique in the industry), influencer marketing and more traditional ways of marketing and PR.

Due to an original philosophy about data and the unique approach of advertising and promotion, the company was able to add the majority of the Dutch music industry to its portfolio working for companies like Sony Music, Armada, Warner Music, Cloud 9 Music, 8ball Music, Wisseloord Studio’s, BMG Music and many, many more renowned music companies like record labels, publishers, venues, booking agencies and festivals.

Now, in 2021, the company’s portfolio is growing rapidly by adding fashion brands, gaming companies and automotive brands to their list of beautiful clients.

Content isn’t King. Data is. That's something the young company fiercely believes in.

Logo Pauw Agency

Paúw B.V.
Saturnusstraat 14
2516 AH Den Haag